For Vets


How we work with you

The Vet Behaviour Team works as an adjunct to your normal general practice.

We work in conjunction with local dog trainers around Sydney and see clients who are on the lookout for progressive and trustworthy vets.

We do NOT offer vaccinations, antibiotics or any therapy other than behavioural services.


We offer 2-hour housecall consultations for your clients which will include a diagnostic and therapeutic report and free email support following the consultation. The cost of the initial consultation is $595 inclusive of travel and GST and will be invoiced directly to your client.

What to do before referral? Prior to referral all animals should receive an initial physical examination and preferably blood screen at your clinic. This helps rule out things like pain (arthritis, urinary calculi etc) and other medical conditions such as hypothyroidism and diabetes which can cause or exacerbate behavioural problems.

Recommended profiles:

Animals under 5 years of age:

  • PreGA (including electrolytes) + USG

Animals over 5 years of age:

  • Full haematology and biochemistry, T4, USG and dipstick.

All animals presenting with urination problems should have a full UA in addition to these tests. Animals presenting with defecation problems should have a faecal float in addition to these tests.

Please note: if an animal is aggressive or extremely distressed at your veterinary hospital we can review the animal first and formulate an appropriate plan for venipuncture under sedation at your clinic.

Once this is done, simply email your history (including bloodwork) to and have client download the appropriate questionnaire from our website.

From there we will contact your clients to arrange the consultation and forward you a summary of the diagnosis and treatment plan.