Behaviour Vet Consultations

Behavioural problems can cause frustration, stress and damage the bond between you and your pet. It can be extremely difficult living this way. We're here to listen, understand what is happening and help you navigate through the challenges.

With our team of passionate professionals, we combine the latest evidence-based scientific knowledge with kindness to support you and your pet living happy, harmonious lives.

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Who we are?

The Vet Behaviour Team consists of Dr Heather Chee, Dr Amanda Cole and Dr Caitlin McQuarrie. We have over 25 years of combined experience in veterinary behaviour helping pets and their families.

In the human sense, we are like your GP and psychiatrist rolled into one so we understand the intimate relationship between our pets' emotional state and physical condition. We help with issues such as anxiety disorders, reactivity, separation distress, aggression, excessive barking and elimination problems. We prioritise your pet's mental health and well-being, teaching them safe alternative behaviours and ensuring your pets are living their best lives.

We have been providing behaviour vet consultations in Sydney since 2014.

About Us

What we do

As behaviour vets, we diagnose the root cause of a behaviour holistically. Many behaviours can be caused by physical problems eg pain, skin, hormonal and neurological disease. They can also be caused by emotional issues like stress, anxiety, fear and phobias.

Behaviour vets are qualified professionals in veterinary psychiatry, so we diagnose and treat these mental health issues. We are able to prescribe medication when required.

We only use evidence-based, fear-free methods in the rehabilitation (training) treatment of behavioural problems. We will never ask you to do anything which could damage the relationship you have with your pet.

Kindness + Science
The best of both worlds


  • Daisy with Liz The changes in Daisy’s behaviour have been nothing short of a miracle since contacting VBT. We adopted Daisy from a shelter when she was only 3 months old. We had no idea that puppies can be born with anxiety; we just thought she needed more training. Her separation and generalised anxiety were making it impossible to live with. It was taking over our lives and hers! We tried every training technique but they just weren’t working. Since Daisy started seeing VBT 6 months ago, she relaxes and plays with her toys when left home alone 🙂 She no longer destroys property, paces, shakes, whines, barks or defecates. We finally have the freedom to have visitors over or even a dinner party without causing Daisy or ourselves distress! She is now a happy dog who enriches our lives. We can leave the house without guilt, knowing that she is ok. It is wonderful that she is now enjoying life. Thanks VBT, you have transformed our lives 🙂
  • 'Joker' and 'Thief' with Megan The Vet Behaviour Team have been treating my 18 month old Kelpie x Cattle dog boys: Joker and Thief for a few months now and the difference in their behavior is amazing! Both pups were raised in shelters so they were extremely fearfully aggressive towards people and other dogs. Since treatment began, both boys have become less scared of people and other dogs, settle more quickly if they do get excited and respond better to training and cues. Their treatment requires my husband and I to be consistent with their calming exercises and the boys now enjoy their relaxation time so much that they lie down at my feet and get sleepy. Both Heather and Amanda are caring, diligent and friendly. They are always available, are always checking up on you and your pet and making sure the treatment plan is working and manageable. I look forward to working with them to get my boys happy and healthy.
  • 'Akio' with Atikah Dr Amanda and VBT have been a huge part of our dog’s journey to better walking behaviour and alone time (as well as our journey to better understanding our dog and his needs). Our miniature dachshund had severe separation anxiety and fear around walks/other dogs (he would lunge and bark relentlessly). Since our first meeting with Dr Amanda at the start of 2023, we have seen noticeable improvement in Akio. He can now be left alone for up to 5 hours without any discomfort and is much better equipped to handle walks/encounters with other dogs. Dr Amanda and VBT are communicative and will assist and support you every step of the way.

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