Behaviour Fact Sheets

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'Early stress signs in dogs'. Download it for free here: VBT Fiddle Behaviors

'Severe stress signs in dogs'. 

Download it for free here: VBT-Severe Stress Behaviours

Is your dog too excited and hyper? Check out the: VBT Hyperarousal Poster

'The many faces of stress in dogs'. 

Download for free here: VBT - Stress Expressions

Physiological signs of stress in dogs - what your dog's body can tell you: VBT Physiological stress signs

Thanks to Lili Chin for designing our infographic posters!

Check out Dr Amanda Cole's Mythbusting radio interview segment on 2ser 107.3 here

Feel free to use our client handouts written for the Australian Veterinary Association's Polite Pets Month to raise awareness about behavioural disorders in our furry friends.

Separation anxiety in dogs

Noise phobias in dogs

Anxiety in dogs

Debunking dominance in dogs

What is a Veterinary Behaviourist and why would my dog need one?

Here are the Proceedings from the 2013 ANZCVS Science Week Veternary Behaviour Chapter, of which we were fortunate to be a part of: 2013 Science Week Proceedings

Find more at AVA Polite Pets Month as well as information on 'Dominance', 'Punishment' and 'Choosing a Trainer' by the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behaviour.