Who can we help


Does your dog seem ‘untrainable’? Have you tried BAH’ing your dog? Check chains? Citronella collars? Have you been exercising your dog like crazy and buying more toys to prevent boredom but nothing works???

We are here to help.

Animals express emotional problems in many different ways. If your pet is exhibiting any of the following symptoms consider contacting us. We look for the underlying cause of the behaviour and determine the best management plan for you and your furry loved one:

– Excessive barking or meowing

– Aggression towards humans or other animals

– Urinating or defecating outside normal areas (i.e. outside the litter tray or inside the home)

– Destructiveness

– Escape artists

– Distress when left alone

– Hyperactivity or depression

– Night time vocalisation, pacing, restlessness

– Shyness, timidity and lack of confidence

– Distress during storms and fireworks

– Puppy School flunks (this is often one of the earliest signs that your dog needs help)

– Dogs with learning difficulties that don’t respond to training

– Rescue dogs not settling into their new homes

– Tail chasing, spinning, light chasing, or fly chasing

– Overgrooming

– Mounting behaviour directed towards people, animals or objects when the animal is desexed